Friday, 3 June 2011

we're so close to something better left unknown

This is the one song I listen to that really triggers a memory for me; that feeling of being young, having no inhibitions and being completely free, with no constraints on what I can or can’t do. I must listen to this song probably at least twice a week. It reminds me I’m still young, I’m still alive, that I’ve got lots to look forward to in life, and that really nothing matters. Because nothing really matters.

The lyrics of the song are what really reaches out to me. Their depth and substance, but more so the endless interpretations one can take from them. There’s no one particular way to read this song, because to different people it will mean entirely different things.

The repetitively catchy guitar riffs and the pulsating rhythm of the drums makes this a truly memorable and catchy listen. Combine this with invigorating synth melodies and almost angelic harmonies, and you’re on to a winner. The infectious bass line continues throughout the entirety of the composition creating a, what one can only call, ‘dancey’ atmosphere.

From what I can see the song is sending out a clear and apparent message: don’t fret over mistakes made and don’t let anything hold you back, because something big is going to come along. After all “you’re gonna make mistakes, you’re young”.