Saturday, 5 November 2011

paul o'grady interview & walker art gallery exhibition

What’s it like seeing your old Lily Savage outfits here at the Walker?
I think they’ve done a flattering job. I like the mannequins- they look a bit like Lily after surgery!

Where are the rest of the costumes you wore over the years?
Mostly in storage in London now.

Any news on where Lily is at the moment?
Well, she was in a convent in Brittany but last I heard she’d escaped. Recently, someone said they’d seen her in Shanghai. It’s like Where’s Wally? but Where’s Lily?. She could be down pier end for all we know!

Can we expect to see Lily back any time soon?
Next year for a panto but that’s all I think. I don’t think we could do TV after the digital switch-over- Lily’s not made for HD, that’s for sure!

Have you and Lily got a lot in common, do you think?
Our mannerisms maybe but she’s quite an extreme character- that’s why I like playing her.

What was it that you loved about her the most?
Probably that she was a really down to earth character. She was a born and bred Scouser- I’d always said I’d never tone her down or change the accent.

On another note, what are you doing with your time at the moment?
I've got my hands full with my pets. I've got 10 sheep now. I have pigs, goats, cows and an owl called Minnie, too!

Paul signing autographs for eager fans & a selection of classic Lily Savage outfits.

The collection of Lily Savage outfits is being exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool from 4th until 19th November with free entry

Originally published on LSMedia


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