Thursday, 23 June 2011

love won't be leaving, it won't be gone until i find a way

I normally have very particular tastes when it comes to music. I know what I like and I definitely know what I dislike—but I found myself slightly taken aback on my first listen of Anna Calvi.

It’s not what you’d expect from her at all. Her slight figure and almost naïve charm are both decidedly deceptive, and give no clues to both the maturity and depth that her voice carries.

She’s becoming well known among critics for her lyrics openly referring to death, but this frank and candid approach to song-writing gives her music a whole other dynamic. She clearly has a vision and isn't afraid to set herself aside from the rest by producing something innovative and different.

Earlier this year, she was shortlisted for the prestigious Sound of 2011 award and is gaining numerous favourable reviews among music critics and journalists alike.

Playing the guitar like I’ve never quite seen, she's managing to prove herself not only as a singer but as a capable musician too—something which is becoming increasingly uncommon among the artists of today.

Find Anna Calvi on her website, MySpace and on Twitter.

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