Wednesday, 13 July 2011

she's elusive, i'm awake, you're finally real, there's nothing fake

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Since finishing exams, I have very quickly become a social recluse. Daily activities now include: not getting dressed, watching back-to-back Jeremy Kyle and, naturally, Friends box sets. In chronological order. Seriously.

With such a busy schedule, it's any wonder I have time to review anything anymore. I quickly googled this song last week when I came across it in an old episode of the Channel 4 series Goldplated from back in 2006. (You'll learn to realise that I find most music whilst watching TV).

I'm about five years late in discovering this song, so for future reference: expect all reviews to be written considerably after the song's release, as I am ridiculously slow!

So, I initially thought it was Damien Rice. In fact, it's a guy called Scott Matthews. He's pretty much unknown these days, but I love the anonymity of artists like him--he's judged entirely based on his music and not celebrity status, so to speak.

He's got a rough and almost rugged quality to his voice--the way it cracks in some of the higher notes just makes it all the more raw and honest. Vocally, it's far from perfect, but that's really what makes it perfect. (What a cliché).

Anyway, have a listen. You might hate it. Let me know.

You can find Scott Matthews on his website or perhaps MySpace.

(P.S. I'll very shortly begin writing for a new website called Popped Culture which I shall keep thee posted on).


  1. i'd never heard of this guy -- he's good. thanks!

  2. God, I havent heard this song for so long.

    I love him :)

  3. Nice pick. I like what you said, about finding someone who isn't wearing the cloak of celebrity. I found his voice hypnotic.

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  5. Thanks! Yes, it's so rare to find someone who isn't driven solely by their sense of celebrity status.